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No Guns Mod

Page history last edited by Dieter 15 years ago

Dieter's No-Guns Mod


I created this "mod" by accident while I was preparing an "empty" Items.xml via the XML editor. The overall game experience favors knifing and throwing as well as hand-to-hand and martial arts, making this an interesting game experience you may want to check out.

All guns (except for the commando mortar) have been removed from the game, leaving slightly over 230 active items. I was surprised that the game was still playable, and actually provided a completely new game experience.

The only ranged weapons are throwing knives and grenades (and the commando mortar I needed for testing), and the only "armor" is the leather jacket including the Kevlar leather jacket you can get at the leather shop in San Mona. Bobby Ray's is fully usable and all the load bearing equipment is functional.

Known Problems: The game will assign NADA items to enemy soldiers in lieu of guns. Enemies will drop these NADA items and they can be sold / delete normally. The game still work fine although the NADA items don't look realistic. If someone tells me how to avoid them, I will fix this. Another problem is that enemies who don't carry knives will always try flee into adjacent sectors. This is because the AI algorithm favors fleeing over hand-to-hand combat if an enemy soldier has no weapons.

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