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10mm HE Grenade

A specialized 10mm high explosive grenade used by the integrated Colonial Sidearm Launcher.



Crux Terminatus

An experienced veteran Marine knows how to inflict the most damage to an enemy.



Imperial Laurel

The heroic legacy makes the Marine more familiar with his weapon allowing to ready and reload it faster.



Marksman Honor

The awarded Marine has proven that he can shoot further and more accurately than his peers.



Minigun Reticle

Rear mounted simple crosshair reticle to enhance burst and auto fire accuracy for fully-automatic mounted firearms.



Minigun Suppressor

The DeGroat Tactical Armaments Minigun Suppressor can be fitted to most miniguns. While it will reduce the muzzle noise and flash, it's still far from silent.



Purity Seal

A pure soul is more aware of his surroundings and can hear and see a little further.



Seburo Long Range Program

The Seburo Long Range Program card configures the C-26A or C-25A for long range engagement mode.



Seburo Medium Range Program

The Seburo Medium Range Program card configures the C-26A or C-25A for medium range engagement mode.



Seburo Short Range Program

The Seburo Short Range Program card configures the C-26A or C-25A for short range engagement mode.



Seburo Silencer

A high-tech sound cancellation device for the Seburo C-26A or C-25A.



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