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Why can't I hit anything?

Are you increasing your to hit chance by spending additional action points? You do that by targeting an enemy and right clicking your mouse.

Crouching gives a small bonus, lying prone gives a little more. Most attachments like scopes or laser sights provide a small bonus which is added with each spent action point.

Some attachments provide bonuses if their condition is met like a bipod when lying prone or a foregrip when bursting. Sniper rifles allow spending more than 4 action points on aiming.

Terrain modifiers can considerably affect your chance to hit. For example you may not be able to get 99 if there are a lot of trees, shrubs etc. between you and the target. Adjusting your position by a tile or two may dramatically change your chance to hit.

Don’t expect too much from a high Marksmanship (e.g. 85 or higher), you will do better than a guy with a low Marksmanship (e.g. 55 or lower), but you won't be able to perform miracles.

Why are the enemies better than my guys?

Rumor has it that the original game developers made the same observation. I feel it has something to do with the enemies commonly outnumbering you, and the game’s ability to accurately compute to hit chances.

For example when 6 of your guys fight 20 enemies, players are less likely to take chances, while the game has 3 enemies for every guy on your side and can afford taking shots at less than 99 percent. Try taking shots at less than 99 percent yourself, you won't always hit of course, but you occasionally get lucky just like the game does.

Does the game cheat?

On Expert (not Experienced) enemies get a small to hit bonus; the bonus is a little more on Insane. Also on Insane enemies gets 5 bonus action points (can be turned off). It is up to you if you consider this cheating.

Other than the above, the game doesn’t break any rules to win. For example if none of the enemies can see you on the tactical map, the enemies will spread out and look for you; they don’t just head straight for you like so many other games do.

Another example is that the enemy forces need to move on the strategy map from their point of origin to their destination; they don’t just appear at their destination. If you intercept and destroy an enemy force in transit, they need to start over.

The game does have an advantage when it comes to computing effects of visibility, cover, terrain, lighting and so forth, and does so effortlessly for even the largest enemy forces. However this ability is offset by AI limitations like enemies bumping into each other, running back and forth and so on.

What is the best weapon in the game?

There is really no best weapon as each type has a range of applications. My soldiers typically carry 3-4 different weapons to get more options in combat. Below are my favorites, feel free to experiment and don’t take my list as the only option.

Very Short Range (1 to 10 tiles)

For me critical situations are when enemies climb on a roof you are defending or when you exit the helicopter in an enemy occupied sector. You have a small team (6 or less) close together and need to conserve APs for long range engagement. The goal is to disable adjacent enemies with the least amount of action points.

HK MP7A1 with Rod & Spring, Trigger Group, ISM-V-IR, and Flash Suppressor. There is no ready time and you get a 3 round burst for 3 APs. Burst at the head at 5 or less tiles and use full auto to the torso further away. The standard ammo is already SAP (better than AP), additionally you can order AET from BR for $1,600 per mag (expensive).

Short Range (8 to 18 tiles)

For me critical situations are night or urban combat where enemies bunch up and you get larger groups running toward your team. Again you may have a smaller team and don’t want to run out of APs while the enemy is still advancing.

HK MG36 RAS with Rod & Spring, Rifle LAM-Flashlight, Reflex Sight, and Battle Scope preferably using 5.56x45mm Tracer or Match ammo. Although a ready time of 4 is large, this weapon works well when used on the defensive (stationary) by a soldier with the Auto Weapons skill. A single guy may easily disable 2-3 enemies before running out of action points. The battle scope allows a targeted shot followed by burst or auto fire to disable enemies at the far end of this range.

Medium Range (15 to 30 tiles)

For me critical situations are when my soldiers advance on an enemy position or are hunting down hiding enemies. I anticipate engaging few enemies (1-2) at relatively close range and can't afford to leave them standing after my soldier ran out of APs. Because my guys are moving, I need a rifle with a small ready time which can also perform well at the far end of this range.

Colt M16A4 with Rifle LAM-Flashlight, Reflex Sight, Battle Scope, and Retractable Stock preferably using 5.56x45mm Tracer ammo. Burst capable without a trigger group. The retractable stock gives it a ready time of 2, and while the Rifle LAM is expensive, it allows soldiers with a low MRK to perform well at closer range.

M14 EBR with Rifle LAM-Flashlight, Reflex Sight, Battle Scope, and Retractable Stock preferably using 7.62x51mm Tracer ammo. There are many Rifle LAM capable weapons which are faster than the M14, however most have shorter ranges or the enemy doesn’t drop them early on. Performs well toward the far end of this range (good for daytime combat) and has full auto for occasions where enemies are too close.

Long Range (30 tiles and up)

For me critical situations are daytime combat where I have a little time to position my team to use the terrain and long range to my advantage. Ideally I want to deny enemy forces to advance on my position by having a high kill ratio for each of my soldiers every round; meaning each of my guys can take out at least one enemy, two if he gets lucky.

M21 EBR with Sniper Scope, Bipod, Rifle LAM-Flashlight, and Retractable Stock preferably using 7.62x51mm Match ammo. The fastest Rifle LAM capable sniper rifle with no manual reloads between shots. The retractable stock gives this sniper rifle the ready time of a standard assault rifle. This means you lose only one shot in a round where you turn a prone soldier. Although expensive, this weapon works well for lower MRK soldiers at medium range.

Extreme Low Marksmanship (55 or less)

Steyr Scout Tactical with Sniper Scope, optional Laser Sight, and optional Flash Suppressor (has a build-in Bipod). Low ready time of 2 AP, light, dropped early in the game, 10 round mag sufficient for most encounters, range of 61 tiles only occasionally an issue. Use Match ammo to alleviate range issues.

M24 with Bipod, Sniper Scope, optional Laser Sight, and optional Flash Suppressor. Dropped early in the game, long range of 78 tiles will almost never be an issue, heavy, high ready time of 5, only 5 round mag and AP to reload the mag is 10. Use this when you don’t have a Steyr Scout Tactical.

Although both weapons have a manual reload of 7 AP, they also have an accuracy of 12, which gets added to each AP spent aiming, and allows soldiers like Flo, Biff, Gasket etc. to get one good shot in every other round. Just don’t expect them to be able to get 99% past 30 tiles. This helps to raise their level a little, which makes them better at their other activities such as training militia or repairing.

What is a good combat strategy?

  • Any soldier is better than no soldier

    Use tired, injured, or low MRK soldiers, they will be able to get at least one good shot in every round. Each additional guy on your side makes it a little easier.

  • Long range weapons are better

    Being able to hit the enemies before they can hit you gives you a clear advantage. The ideal scenario is a “turkey shoot”, where you eliminate all enemies before they even had a chance to come into their weapon’s range.

    Don’t feel bad; don’t feel like you are cheating. There will be plenty of scenarios when things get a little too close for comfort.

  • More weapons are better

    Carry different weapons to give you more options in combat without overloading your soldier (more than 99%).

    For example carry a sniper rifle for long range, an assault rifle for mid and short range, and a submachine gun or machine pistol for bloodcat ambushes and pesky enemies popping up right next to you.

    If you still can carry something, bring a mortar or grenade launcher to take care of lumped up groups.

  • Target closest enemies first

    When none of the enemies can see anyone from your team, they all will walk (or run) around, which is doing no harm to your soldiers and probably the single best tactic to avoid injury.

    You can keep the enemies in “search mode” by maintaining an enemy free zone around your team. The size and shape of the “safe zone” depends on the tactical situation.

    For example at daytime it can be a field 50 tiles wide and 20 tiles deep between your team and the advancing enemy, while at nighttime it could be a 10 tile wide band going all the way around your team.

    As soon as a single enemy breaches the safe zone, they will see you and possibly start shooting (if they have remaining APs). Additionally this enemy will immediately act as a spotter from that point on in the enemy’s turn for all remaining enemies which haven't acted yet.

    Eliminate all enemies in the safe zone and deny new enemies to enter it, and you control the outcome of the battle.

  • Stop the advance first shoot to kill later

    When you have too many enemies coming for you too quickly, try shooting each of them once. Some of them will stop moving toward you or even back off a little, they can wait until next round.

    Don’t completely ignore enemies who dropped their weapon, they may pick one up at the start of their next round and become a problem again.

  • Help each other

    Position your soldiers so that their field of view partially overlaps. If one soldier doesn’t get an interrupt, your next soldier gets a second chance. Exploit this by making your first soldier skip intentionally, so soldiers down the line get to shoot, and you get to save your first soldier for emergencies. Same with disabling an enemy; if your first soldier can't stop the enemy, the next soldier gets a chance to finish the job.

  • Target dangerous enemies

    Eliminate enemies advancing toward your safe zone first. If you don’t have spare APs, enemies moving sideways or away from the safe zone can wait until next round.

    Enemies carrying sniper rifles or auto fire only weapons will be the first to injure your team when an enemy spotter sees you. When you have spare APs take them out and eliminate the danger to your team.

    Worry about pistol or shotgun enemies last. Even when they start shooting at you from 20 or more tiles away, they are out of their weapon’s range and are likely (but not guaranteed) to miss.

    However when an enemy is shooting at you, it means that he sees one of your guys and now acts as a spotter; you will need to disable him as soon as possible.

  • Prepare your team

    It takes about 1 1/2 hours for the enemy to move to a new sector, this should give you enough time to prepare your team (assuming you can see the enemy on the strategic map).

    Position your soldiers as far away as possible form the edge (or edges) where the enemy will enter the sector, this will make the enemy spread out more. The idea is to prevent more enemies than you can handle from entering your safe zone at once.

    Be aware of possible enemy reinforcements appearing at the edge of the sector, it is much harder to maintain your safe zone here.

    Have your soldiers aim through their scopes shortly before the enemy arrives by using the Look command (L key), this will save them ready time APs and make them see farther.

    Try out how standing, crouching, and prone affects their visual range. Prone is best for aiming but may not always allow you to see the farthest depending on the terrain. If you are not sure, go with crouching as a compromise.

    Use the terrain to your advantage. Don’t position your soldiers behind trees which make it harder for them to see the enemy. Position them next to the trees where they get a clear view and the trees give them (a little) cover.

    Make sure everyone has a full magazine in every gun, and 1-2 spare magazines for each ammo type.

How do I order from Bobby Ray’s?

To enable Bobby Ray’s look for a link on the AIM Web site after taking the Drassen Airport (B13). Bobby Ray’s Web site will be closed (under construction) before you take the Drassen Airport for the fist time.

To order something simply browse the catalog and left click on what you want. Left clicking increases the amount while right clicking decreases it. You can submit multiple orders if you exceed the maximum allowed items per order.

Select Drassen as the shipping destination when checking out. Your stuff will arrive in a chest in the topmost building where Perko hangs out. The chest is already there and will be (usually) closed when new stuff arrives. One of your guys needs to walk to the chest and open it, then you can get your stuff from the sector inventory as usual.

You can also select Meduna as your shipping destination. Your stuff will show up in a chest at the northwest corner of the northern building at the Meduna airport (N3). The chest works just like the one in Drassen.

How to avoid missing items from shipments?

I give Perko $100 once, before I order anything from Bobby Ray’s, and never have any problems after that.

Some people say less money will do the same (I haven't tested that). Some people say that you need to keep giving money to Perko to keep him happy, but I never had items missing after I gave him money the first time.

You can also change the value for STEALING_FROM_SHIPMENTS_DISABLED to TRUE in Data-1.13\ Ja2_Options.INI, this is useful for testing after you modded.

What’s the best order for taking cities?

This depends on your game style, most people go with Drassen, Chitzena, Cambria, Alma, Balime, Grumm, and Meduna.

I go with Drassen Airport (B13) (enables Bobby Ray’s), Drassen Mine (D13) (starts daily income), East SAM (D15), Skyrider (B15, C16, D12, or E14), fully train militia in B13, D13, and D15, wait for ammo from Bobby Ray’s, then take Drassen City (C13), move militia from D13 (mine) to C13 (middle) to get them out of the way, Drassen counter attack at Drassen Mine (D13), Central SAM (I8), free Shank from Tixa (J9), talk to Jake in Estoni (I6) so that Skyrider can land here, West SAM (D2), Cambria and Chitzena simultaneously, Alma and Grumm simultaneously, Balime (if I feel like it), and Meduna


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